Zirconia Stacked with e.max Porcelain

When strength and the best esthetics are indicated for an all ceramic restoration, our zirconia copings stacked with e.max ceram deliver. Depending upon the instructed shade and preparation, we will choose either a white or translucent blank, which will be shaded prior to sintering. The translucent cores are milled from the same material used to fabricate our full contour zirconia restorations. Any margin preparation can be accommodated by the zirconia cores.

When stacked with e.max ceram, our zirconia based restorations can accommodate single units and bridges up to 16 units in span. It is, however, more ideal to segment the bridge into multiple bridges whenever possible. You can cement your zirconia based all ceramic cases using a glass ionomer, resin-reinforced glass ionomer, or, for short or overly tapered preps, resin cement such as RelyX Unicem or Kuraray.