VKS & Preci-Sagix Attachments


Similar in design to the VKS-SG attachment by Bredent, the Preci-Sagix is manufactured by CEKA/PRECI-LINE in Belgium. The Sagix attachment is available as a prefabricated "cast-to" 1.7 and 2.2mm sphere, which provides consistent, accurate results (we parallel and wax the precast male onto the waxed crown/bridge prior to casting of the crown/bridge). The males are 100% round and smooth, eliminating wear on nylon females. They are also available as a plastic, castable part which can be cast using the same alloy as the crown/bridge. The 1.7mm ball requires a vertical space of 3.1mm and a diameter of 3.1mm, while the 2.2mm ball requires a vertical space of 4.1mm and a diameter of 4.2mm

The Sagix attachment has a segmented female which flexes over the height of contour of the sphere and engages the neck of the sphere as well as more of the sphere itself. A standard VKS female engages only the height of contour of the sphere, so the Sagix female provides added, longer lasting retention for better results. The Sagix females are also compatible with the VKS-SG males, so an existing VKS attachment can benefit from the use of a Sagix female. The flexing of the rigid female around the height
of contour of the sphere allows the female 35% more retention area contact than other designs of ball attachment females. This provides excellent retention, due to the increased surface area of contact between the female and the male attachments.


(right image) #28 and 29 splint with Sagix attachment on distal #29, and milled arm rest on lingual


There are three levels of retention, with white being the least and red being the most retentive.

*Photos courtesy of Preat Corporation.