Vitallium 2000 Alloy

For our customers with a preference for Dentsply's Vitallium 2000 alloy, we are happy to provide its availability to you. Vitallium 2000 has been the undisputed premium CrCo partial denture alloy since it was introduced in 1997. Vitallium® 2000´s tensile strength of 855 MPa´s makes it extremely fracture resistant and with an elongation of 9%, the partials adjust like gold. If you have never previously prescribed Vitallium 2000, give it a try on your next premium partial removable case.

Processing can be completed in our standard material or Lucitone 199. For patients that require a cast partial but do not desire metal clasps on the anterior, please see the Hybrid Cast/Flexible Partials and Injected Flexible Clasps pages of our site to learn about the available options. We can design the frame accordingly and process the partial with the option that best suits the needs and desires of the patient.


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Click here to download the Vitallium 2000 Alloy MSDS