Screw Retained Implant Crown & Bridge

When clearance does not allow enough retention for a cement retained implant restoration, or the Doctor requires retrievability, a screw retained crown or bridge implant restoration can be made.

A PFM screw retained restoration requires the use of a UCLA/castable abutment, on which the plastic sleeve is adjusted and then waxed upon by our technicians. The abutment is waxed to include the ideal crown (or bridge) metal framework design to properly support the porcelain. Once waxed as desired, the abutment is cast, then opaqued and stacked with porcelain like a standard PFM.







An all ceramic screw retained restoration requires the use of a Titanium base designed for hybrid abutments.The crown (or bridge) is made using either full zirconia or layered zirconia, then cemented by the laboratory to the titanium base.






The UCLA abutments and Ti-bases are available in engaging and non-engaging. Engaging abutments are used for single-unit restorations to prevent rotation..