PFMs Utilizing Cast Alloys


We use only the finest alloys for our products, and we believe in the IdentAlloy program. Please click
here to learn more about the IdentAlloy program: Additionally,
the composition of the alloy used will be printed prominently on the invoice for each case. Our PFM
restorations are available in the below alloy options.

  • Non Precious
  • Semi-Precious (Noble) alloy
  • Precious (High Noble) White alloy
  • Precious (High Noble) Yellow alloy, 73% gold

PFM Bridge



PFM bridge with pink tissue porcelain on the buccal pontic ridge


We can also accommodate pink porcelain requests when the need exists to replicate tissue due to recession or bone loss. Simply provide us with a shade guide for the tissue shade you'd like us to match, or provide us with an Ivoclar Gingiva shade, G1 through G6, and we’ll create the appearance of tissue where needed.

Ivoclar gingiva shade guide



Ivoclar Gingiva shade guide