Mini Dental Implants (MDI)

Introduced in 1999 as the IMTEC Sendax MDI™ System, the MDI Mini Dental Implant System, by 3M ESPE, has become a very popular small-diameter implant system. Mini Dental Implants are clinically proven and indicated for long-term denture stabilization, and can be surgically placed with an easy to learn, 90-minute flapless procedure.

MDI Features

  • Implants are placed through a small pilot hole, not into a full osteotomy
  • Implant designs for stability in soft and dense bone
  • Attachment designs which forgive up to 30 degree divergence between two implants
  • Original retention can be restored simply by replacing the O-Ring


We can fabricate dentures utilizing the housings and O-Rings for the MDI System by 3M ESPE, or any other brand mini dental implant.

MDI lower jaw cross section

mdi mandible