Lucitone FRS

Lucitone FRS, by Dentsply, is a thermoplastic injectable resin for use in creating both flexible
partials and small to medium sized dentures. It is a monomer free material and offers superior
flexibility, transparency for optimal esthetics, and excellent stain resistance. The FRS material
also resists stress fractures. Its microcrystalline structure is easy to polish, similar to that of
acrylic. Restorations manufactured using FRS are very light weight and comfortable for the
patient. Light pink, original, and clear shades are available.

As chosen by the readers of Dentistry Today, our Lucitone FRS partial has been chosen as a Top 100 product each year since 2007.

The semi-crystaline nylon composition provides Lucitone FRS with:

  • Strength, flexibility, and transparency
  • High impact resistance
  • Outstanding UV and light stability,
  • Color stability
  • Low water absorption and good dimensional stability


FRS material cannot be relined. When relines are required, the case is rebased with new FRS material.










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Click here to download the Lucitone FRS MSDS