Implants (Crown & Bridge)

Implants are an increasingly popular alternative to removable partials. The Mayans are credited with the earliest known example of endosseous implants. While excavating Mayan burial sites in Honduras in 1931, archaeologists found a mandibular fragment, dating to approximately 600 AD. This mandible, belonging to a woman in her twenties, had three tooth-shaped pieces of shell placed into the sockets of her missing lower incisors. For forty years, archaeologists believed that the shells were placed after death, in a manner also observed in the ancient Egyptians. However, in 1970, a Brazilian professor named Amadeo Bobbio re-examined the mandible and, after taking a series of radiographs, noted compact bone formation around two of the implants. This discovery led to the conclusion that the implants were placed during the woman's life, and not post-mortem.

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