Georgia Dental Lab Association

GDLA logoGlobal Dental Solutions, LLC is a proud member of the Georgia Dental Laboratory Association. Prior to its formation in 2001, the GDLA existed for many decades as the Georgia State Dental Laboratory Association. The purpose of the GDLA is as follows:


  • To uphold and advance the dignity, honor, professionalism and competency of those engaged in the dental laboratory industry.
  • To promote to the highest standards of work and service to the industry and to establish a spirit of cooperation among the diverse groups associated with the field.
  • To develop activities and education which will enable the industry to conduct itself with greater economic and technical efficiency and improve its service to the dental profession.
  • To cooperate wherever legal and proper with other industries and organizations in the pursuit of mutually desirable objectives.
  • To assist and cooperate with governmental departments and agencies on new legislation or matters affecting the industry necessary to promote the best interests of public health and welfare.
  • To engage in appropriate and lawful activities to promote the efficiency and economic progress of the industry
  • To provide programs, services, networking opportunities and a central unified voice for dental technicians that are responsive to the evolving technical, professional, and business needs of the members.
  • To encourage strict adherence to and compliance with all laws relating to the regulation of dental laboratory industry.
  • To collect and disseminate economic and statistical information relative to the industry and, in general, advance and further the interests and welfare of the dental laboratory industry.