Full Contour Zirconia (Solid Zirconia)

When a full-cast restoration or metal occlusion is ideal but not desired, or the patient has fractured prior PFM crowns, prescribe a zirconia crown or 3 unit bridge, milled to full contour using CAD/CAM solid zirconiatechnology. Requiring a minimum occlusal clearance of 0.6mm and indicated for any margin preparation, it is the solution of choice when the patient does not want metal to show. Although the minimal clearance required is 0.6mm, a preparation with 1mm occlusal clearance is ideal.

Our full contour zirconia restorations are fabricated using an enhanced translucent material, which is highly esthetic. For anterior or posterior, they are indicated for single units and bridges up to 5 units (with pontic spans not more than 20mm). The strength determining material in the full contour zirconia is yttrium oxide, and our zirconia material has a more even distribution of the yttrium oxide. That, coupled with the fine grain, result in stronger restorations with enhanced bending strength and unsurpassed fit.

The chemical makeup is ZrO2 95%, Y2O3 4.5%, HfO2 <3%, with a Flexural strength of 1100MPa and Vicker's Hardness of 1300. You can cement your full contour zirconia cases using a glass ionomer, resin-reinforced glass ionomer, or, for short or overly tapered preps, resin cement such as RelyX Unicem or Kuraray. Adjustments can be made to the full contour zirconia crowns and bridges using a fine-grit diamond with light pressure to avoid possible microfractures. A football-shaped bur is best for adjusting the occlusal surfaces of posterior units and the lingual surface of anterior units. Use a tapered bur for adjusting interproximal contacts and a round bur for adjusting a cusp or fossa.