DDX: Digital Dental Exchange

cerec_itero_impression scanners

We are a DDX-Enabled laboratory. Any Dentrix user can submit digital cases to our laboratory using DDX. Use it for prescription forms, photos, and/or digital impression files. They are submitted instantly over a secure electronic connection.

  • Eliminate the errors and omissions that often accompany handwritten lab prescriptions.
  • Save time and effort with an efficient "Quick Case" electronic form that allows you to submit basic casework quickly—or use more advanced tools and forms for more specialized cases.
  • Streamline the submission process by uploading digital case files from DDX directly to us. This automated process ties any digital file directly to your case, and is much more efficient and less error prone than mailing a physical disk, sending files in a separate email or manually uploading files to an FTP site.


The steps you, the clinician, would follow for adding us into your DDX software are simple; All you have to do is go to "Add A Lab", type in Global Dental Solutions, click "Add" and you are now ready to send your case work for superior results.

Click the following link to be taken to the DDX login page and send us a case: https://www.ddxdental.com/login.