Complete dentures replace a person's missing teeth when the entire upper or lower arch is missing, whether the result from decay, periodontal disease, or injury. Without support from the denture(s), facial muscles sag, making a person appear older. Replacing an edentulous arch with dentures from Global Dental Solutions will benefit the patient's appearance and health. Our dentures are made from only quality acrylic and resin teeth, and are fit precisely to the impression or model provided by the Doctor. Choose our standard acrylic, or upgrade to premium Lucitone 199 processing. Likewise, we can also provide premium teeth such as IPN, Bioblend, or porcelain denture teeth. When a patient with existing dentures has a history of breakage or fractures, prescribe a cast mesh subframe for the palate and ridges. When embedded within the denture acrylic, this cast mesh structure, which we wax and cast specifically for the case, will provide added support to the patient's denture, aiding in the prevention of fractures. Depending upon state law in your location, patient identification may be required for the denture. Simply inform us, on the prescription form, the name or social security number you would like embedded within the acrylic and we will place it accordingly.