Standard CrCo Alloy

Our standard CrCo alloy is of only top quality. It is nickel, beryllium, iron, indium, and gallium free, with a Vicker's Hardness of 370 and a tensile strength of 960 MPa. The composition is 63.3% Co, 30% Cr, 5% Mo, 1% Si and less than 1% Mn, C, W, and N. The frameworks produced are fracture resistant due to the excellent physical properties, and the high modulus of elasticity allows for delicate, yet rigid design and construction. The reduced surface hardness allows for easier adjustment and polishing. You'll be extremely satisfied with the properties of our standard cast partial alloy.

Processing can be completed in our standard material or Lucitone 199. For patients that require a cast partial but do not desire metal clasps on the anterior, please see the Hybrid Cast/Flexible Partials and Injected Flexible Clasps pages of our site to learn about the available options. We can design the frame accordingly and process the partial with the option that best suits the needs and desires of the patient.