Cast Metal Partials

After we survey the case, we will design it as ideal, or we will follow your specifications and
requirements, whichever you have indicated to us.

Premium alloys are utilized to manufacture our frameworks. The casting alloys we use are free
of Nickel, Beryllium, and Iron. They do not include any questionable elements such as indium
or gallium. The alloys are biocompatible, homogenous in structure, and easily tolerated by the
tissue. The resulting frames are fracture resistant, with a pleasing silver finish. In addition, they
are light weight and super spring hard. The high modulus of elasticity enables a detailed, strong,
and fracture resistant framework with proper fit and durability every time. We offer both our
standard and VitalliumĀ® 2000 alloys.

Processing can be completed in our standard material or Lucitone 199. For patients that require
a cast partial but do not desire metal clasps on the anterior, please see the Hybrid Cast/Flexible
and Injected Flexible Clasps pages of our site to learn about the available options. We
can design the frame accordingly and process the partial with the option that best suits the needs
and desires of the patient.