Case Studies

Case study of e.max crowns fabricated on #8 and #9

Female patient presented to the doctor with old, existing crowns on #7,8 and a restorative need on #9. The case was fabricated with e.max crowns on #7 and 8. Doctor restored the mesial-facial #9 with composite.

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An e.max monolithic (full contour) crown was made on #5 using shade 3M2 for this male patient. The characterization was completed based on digital photos provided by the Doctor. The photo shown was taken immediately after seating. Per the Dr., “Looks great, fits great, no adjustments needed. Thanks for the good work, it makes my job easier.”

A male patient presented to the Clinician with an old crown he desired to be restored. We were emailed photos of the shade and instructed to match #10. Because the buildup was not ideal, the emergence profile was of concern. Upon cementation of the layered zirconia crown, the clinician sent us a message that said “We wanted to say job well done on this case!!!! Thanks for all your hard work, we appreciate your business with us.”

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Patient’s original crown:

Before buildup, after original crown was removed:

New crown immediately following cementation:

On her titanium implant abutment #9, this female patient received our crown made with a Zirconia coping and stacked with e.max Ceram porcelain.

Dentistry by Dr. Michael H. Quinn, DMD

The patient shown in the photos below is the Doctor’s mother and desired to replace her existing denture. She had 8 implants placed by the surgeon. Two cement retained, high noble PFM bridges were fabricated upon the Doctor’s request. The required vertical dimension demanded that tissue shaded porcelain be used for ultimate esthetics.

Patient presented to the clinician with minimal existing dentition and requested an esthetic, full arch solution. The patient did not want flanges, so a denture was ruled out as an option, and he did not want the expense of implants. After discussion, it was decided that a Acetal Resin Overpartial was the best prosthesis to satisfy the patient. Both the doctor and patient were extremely pleased with the results.

A middle aged, female patient desired an esthetic, removable restoration to replace her edentulous dentition. The Doctor prescribed a standard tissue shade Valplast partial for the case and the patient loved the results.