Acetal Resin Overpartials

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Our Acetal Resin Overpartial is available in all 16 Vitapan classical shades. Retention comes from the natural undercuts in the surface of the existing dentition, so it will not impinge the tissue.

Denmat’s Snap-On Smile is also made using an acetal resin, but the material used by their company is named Duracetal and is manufactured by Myerson. Our lab’s Acetal Resin Overpartial and the Snap-On Smile are very comparable to each other; we began fabricating ours in 2004 before DenMat began selling the Snap-on Smile.

To fabricate an Acetal Resin Overpartial case, we require a full arch impression of the maxillary and mandibular arches, bite registration, and the shade. Please take notice that each appliance will raise the vertical dimension (open the bite) for around 0.5mm. We prefer to cover the occlusal surfaces, as it adds strength to the appliances, and this is our default. If you want the occlusal surface open, which would not raise the VD, then simply inform us to do so and we will.

We design the cases according to the patient's existing contours, while making an ideal alignment and filling edentulous spaces. If the patient desires a change in contour, please provide us information regarding the changes wanted and we can send photos of the wax up for approval prior to processing. Because Acetal Resin Overpartials are limited in the changes that can be made after processing, any change requested which was not part of the original Rx instruction and cannot be accomplished by adjustment will be billed at full charge for the remake.

The cost of our Acetal Resin Overpartial is $375 per arch, compared to DenMat’s $499.