From the President

To our prospective Doctors:

While locating a dental lab may be easy, finding a lab that can both promise and provide timely case delivery, accurate restorations, and efficient appointments proves to be a more difficult task. As President of Global Dental Solutions, I am confident the quality of our services and cost of our products will please both you and your bottom line. The cost of a case from your lab is not just the bottom number on the invoice, but also the cost of chair-time and unnecessary costs like remakes and loss of patient goodwill. Your patients will be thrilled with the esthetics and precise fit of our restorations. To learn how Global Dental Solutions can enhance your practice and improve your profitability, click Contact Us to send an email or call 866-905-1111 to speak with us. I am always available to speak with you about technical issues or case planning.

To speak with us regarding establishing a new account, please ask for Hal Abramson, our Vice President. On the other hand, if you prefer to send cases immediately, please download the online prescription form and request a shipping label, to send, at no cost, your first set of cases. Once you begin a relationship with us, we can provide you with pre-printed FedEx labels and arrange a scheduled pick up time so you will be able to send cases with ease and convenience at no cost or hassle. If you would rather not have a preset pickup time, you can call us when cases are ready and we will schedule the pickup for you. I know we will earn your business.

Dedicated to your success,

Brad L. Abramson
President / Co-Founder
Global Dental Solutions, LLC